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    Men’s Polo Shirt with Custom Logo


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    Leather Weekender


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We have an extensive range of embroidered products available for both men and women. All our items come with our signature personalised embroidery to ensure your item is distinctly unique to you. Embroidery, has a subtlety to it, that allows for a more quiet personalisation to be added to your favourite clothing items. Our embroidery range aims to reflect class and elegance throughout.
For the men our polo is a perfect way to create a custom top, allowing men to choose the logo and add their initials, provides a freedom and creativity in the personalisation process. The product is embroidered to customers request and therefore becomes a sentimental piece in any man’s collection.
Our embroidered bags are a perfect way to spoil family or friends, the small details of the embroidered initials, is a clean and discreet way to make the item deeply personal in a beautiful yet practical gift. While the lucinda tote offers a perfect beach bag our leather weekender is an ideal bag for a weekend away.
For ladies we have a wide array of pyjamas available with elegant embroidery to round out a seamless design. Providing comfort when needed most, these pyjamas are the perfect choice for that special woman in your life and are guaranteed to make her sleep peacefully. The Jackson, features a choice of embroidery options and positions, this allows you to control and design the denim top to your own preferences. Not only is the embroidery a beautiful addition, but the shirt itself features intricate detail and patch pockets. For the summer months our polo dresses are perfect for days on the beach or relaxing by the pool. Once more, our polo dresses give you the freedom to choose a logo and become invested in the design of your dress to ensure its just right for you.