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Men’s Sleepwear

Men's Sleepwear

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    Varsity Robe – Men


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    Mini Varsity Robe – Men


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Sun rising, birds chirping and coffee in hand… the perfect morning with only one thing missing. Your very own personalised men’s pyjamas.
Never fear, Keep it Personal has the perfect missing piece to the puzzle with our Varsity Robe- a perfect mix of comfort and style, now, every morning feels like your in heaven. In fact, the luxurious coral fleece makes the hardest part of your morning having to get out of your robe and get dressed.  It’s so soft and warm you’ll wish you could wear it forever.
Not only is the Varsity Robe superior in comfort but with our personalised men’s pyjamas you’ll feel like a celebrity with the robe designed just for you, customised with your very own initials. Choose between the bold lettering of our large Varsity style or the smaller ‘mini’ Varsity initial options to make your robe just right. Not only is the lettering stylish, but with the envy of those around you it ensures you know which robe is yours 100% of the time, keeping it out of the jealous hands of family and friends.
It’s time to throw out your trusty old stretched tee shirt and upgrade from the same daggy boxers you’ve been wearing for years. Upgrade to a Robe fit for a king. With this luxurious pair of personalised men’s pyjamas you’ll be sure to start your day off on the right foot Our robe will have you starting the day in a positive frame of mind ready to take on the world. Or should you be lucky enough to have the day at home, then why take it off. The soft fleece is perfect for snuggling on the couch in front of the television or binge watching your favourite show.