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Product Information

At Keep It Personal we design and sell our own merchandise.

The products are then personalised based on customer requirements.

Most of our products are imported though some are made in Australia. From time to time we may sell a limited assortment of goods through wholesale channels such as specialty stores or other websites.

Individual product dimensions should be available through the “details” section of the product information page. If the information you are looking for is missing, please contact us at Keep It Personal at and we will gladly provide the information.

For help with sizing, please refer to the individual sections that have the sizing information in there.

Product Care

Phone and tablet cases – have been extensively product tested and sourced with fair “wear and tare” in mind.  We understand that some customers will experience broken cases and even broken phones and tablets.  Keep It Personal is not responsible for damage to any electronic hardware as a result of using the phone covers and tablet covers.

Playing cards – wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

Textiles/ Linen / Clothing – all have their own individual care instructions. These instructions can be found on the care tag sewn inside the item.

Leather Care – do not wash, store out of sunlight and beware of crocking with leather (any finish). Before using any care product, test for discoloration on a small portion that is not visible on the outside.

Nylon Care – to remove dirt, clean the whole lining using a cloth or a soft brush; with water and neutral soap (avoid water spilling over leather parts when cleaning).

Trays – Do not wash the Tray as the insert sits inside the bottom of the tray.  If you need to clean the Tray – please remove the A3 insert before you do so.


We do not offer repairs. We stand by our products and will address issues on a case by case basis.


Most of our products do not carry a Warranty.  All goods including but not limited to; handbags, shoes, sporting goods, apparel, housewares, pet items and accessories are not warranted. However we stand by our products.

If you find your Keep It Personal item to be defective, please contact us for assistance.